We very much regret to announce the
sad death of David Eustace, a member of YBC.
Further details will be announced when known.




Lyn has heard from Pete Mottram and we regret to inform those booked to go to Torquay for the Bowls trip in February this year that it is postponed, possibly until October 2021 or February 2022.  Deposits are safe until a decision is made, and will be refunded to those who choose not to go. 





As the club is closed until further notice, the management are considering reduced social membership fees for 2021 and will probably decide on a figure when the club reopens. No payment is required at the moment and your membership will be kept up free of charge until such time as the club is open and a subscription can be agreed.



Following the latest Government announcement the club will be closed

until further notice

This is a complete closure

for all sections of the club


If any member has any questions or needs to collect any articles from the club after closure, please use the contact form

( link shown below )