Dear Member,

I hope that you are managing through this difficult time and that you are all well.

As most of you will be aware, bowls clubs are now allowed to open but we all have to be limited to very strict guidance by Bowls England. Our group of volunteers have been very busy working on the green since the end of last season so we now have a wonderful green to play on from this coming Monday, May 25th. Although we can make limited use of the green, we are not yet allowed to open the clubhouse. This is one of the points referred to below, so if anyone has bowls or other equipment in the changing rooms etc, Barbara will be at the club at 12.00 noon on Monday to let you go in to fetch them, but you will have to take them home with you afterwards.

As a committee we have agreed that our membership fee for this year will be £20.00. We understand that a number of members would like to help the club by paying more than this – or even the full amount of £65.00. It has been agreed that the difference between the two will be treated as a donation to the Outdoor section. This, of course, will be accepted with grateful thanks. Please post your payment - preferably a cheque in a marked envelope – through the postbox near the Chairman’s parking space.

We have invited those members of Westlands B.C, who are also members of our Indoor Section, to use our green for roll-ups should their green not be open. They will pay visitors’ green fees of £3.00 a session. Please make them welcome.

Yours sincerely,



All Indoor Bowls Members are invited to come for an Outdoor rollup if they wish. 

The Covid-19 rules apply and a rink must be booked – see below. 

There is either a joining fee of £20 for the rest of summer or a payment of £3 per person for each rollup.  Cash or cheque payments to be posted or placed in the outdoor letter box near the Chairman’s parking space.

Rules for Roll Ups - Until Further Notice


1. No shaking hands or close contact.

2. Maintain social distancing, only play with members of your household or with one person outside of your household.

3. Please wear gloves when entering the club and when not playing.

4. Maximum of 2 bowlers per rink – No Markers

5. Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday, rinks 1,3,5 only

    Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, rinks 2,4,6 only.

    Unless advised otherwise.

6. No handling of anyone’s else’s bowls and equipment. The following items of equipment are not to be used - Scoreboards, Bowls pushers, Ditch markers, 2m distance sticks and chalk

7. One Jack per person and position it with your foot.

8. Keep hands clean, use sanitiser before and after playing.

9. Please bring any drink that you require with you, all rubbish must be removed after your game.

10. No Spectators or Visitors

11. Enter by the Green gate, be aware of others coming the other way.

12. Clubhouse will be closed, if for any reason it is unlocked please do not enter.

13. Mats & Jacks will be kept outside.

14. Before & after play please clean the mats and Jacks with the cleaning materials provided.

The Green will open at 12noon, please follow any marked walkways.

Failure to follow the rules will see you excluded from the Green.

To book a rink please ring Jenny on 01935 422103 the day before between 10am – 6pm or on the day between 9am & 10am.

Stay safe, enjoy the Green and your bowls.


Pete Smith.

Outdoor Club Chairman



Talented artist and Club member, Brian Collins, is keeping busy and has painted this view of Yeovil Bowls Club from his garden. Click to enlarge.






Ladies Triples Players/Teams wanted for 2020/2021 Indoor League

Matches will be played on a Wednesday evening from 6.30 to 8.30 pm.

There will be 8 teams in the League, so two teams will have a bye each week.

If you are interested and wish to join a team or have a team who would like to enter please

contact Joe Pope on 07842 489843 or email him on for details.


I’m sure we’re all looking forward to getting back to bowling

and meeting friends again very soon.



The Club very much regret to announce the death of Mr Ed Collard over the Easter weekend.

He was an Indoor Club Member, and we will have no further details under the current restrictions.


06/04/20                  Message from Mr R Dyer, Chairman YBSC.


Please see below message from Bowls England, and please note that YBSC is following Government guidelines and will continue to do so until those instructions change.  You will be informed immediately when the Club is open for use.


Thank you.


Subject: Rollups etc


Fellow Officers

For your information. Being circulated to all Clubs.


I have had several questions regarding ‘rollups’ being part of one’s daily exercise.

I have spoken to Bowls England who advise that the Govt Guidelines state:


Outdoor recreation

Playgrounds, sports courts and pitches, and outdoor gyms or similar. These businesses and venues must close.


So, in Bowls England’s view:

There are no exceptions to ‘outdoor recreation’ listed therefore our understanding is that no bowls club should be open for any form of play until the Government advises otherwise.


I trust that clarifies the position.

Keep safe


05/04/20            To all Outdoor Bowls Members of YBSC


Outdoor Bowls Membership 2020


I write on behalf of Yeovil Bowls and Squash Club to advise the following:


Yeovil Bowls & Squash Club is closed until further notice under Government restrictions during the Coronavirus outbreak.  Under normal circumstances Outdoor Bowls Renewal Subscriptions are due in April, and the Board have agreed that Members are not expected to pay for renewal when they cannot play or use Club facilities, so no Renewal Subscriptions are being sought at this time.


The volunteer team are maintaining the Green during closure – our thanks to them.


When bowling can resume, Outdoor Membership Renewal Subscriptions will be discussed again depending on the circumstances.


On behalf of the Board, I hope this meets with your approval.  We hope you all remain safe and well during the closure period, and look forward to meeting again soon to enjoy our bowls and in friendship as soon as the restrictions are lifted.


R. Dyer






I write on behalf of the Board of Management of Yeovil Bowls and Squash Club. As we can only contact Members for whom we have an email address, it would be helpful if you can pass this information on to any Member who does not use email.


First, we hope that you are all staying safe and well in these difficult times.


Positive news – we offered the Club premises to Yeovil District Hospital for the duration of the Club closure.  They were very pleased to accept and will be using the free parking for YDH staff, and their IT Dept is looking into whether our systems can support admin staff who will work from the building.  If that happens hospital security staff will secure the building each day so we will benefit from having some protection during the closure.


The outdoor greens are being maintained by the volunteer team – our thanks to them – so we can look forward to games when the lockdown ends.


Usual Committee Meetings are not taking place and the A.G.M. has been postponed, and we are closely following Government support available during and following the shutdown. 


If you are intend to submit a team for the Indoor Bowls League next winter please contact Joe Pope.


We will try to keep members informed as events unfold.  Until then, stay safe.


Best wishes,


Margaret Ashby

Club Secretary





Following the latest Government announcement today, Monday 16th March, the YBSC Board of Directors have taken the very difficult decision to close the club from 10.00pm tonight, Monday 16th March, for the remainder of the indoor season.

This includes all roll ups, league matches, competitions, Short Mat and Squash.

The Coffee Morning, Work Day, V.I. Charity Marathon, the Finals Day and the Summer Tour are cancelled and the Bar is closed for any social functions.


The AGM due to be held on 13th May is cancelled until further notice.

This is a complete closure.


We will assess the Summer season and update members ASAP. 

This decision has not been taken lightly, but it has been decided that it is in the best interests of our members, and we also feel this follows a number of other clubs.

If any members wish to collect personal belongings please notify a Board Member who will arrange access to the Club for you.

We apologise for any inconvenience that this causes but feel, in these exceptional circumstances, that our priority is the welfare of our members many of whom are in the high risk category.

All remaining league games will be declared draws with 1 point being awarded to each team. This will then produce final league tables for the season. We appreciate that this brings an unsatisfactory end to the season but feel member welfare must be paramount in this situation. Final league tables are on the indoor bowls page. 


Club competitions are to be frozen at their current state and we aim to complete them early in the new season, including the remaining finals to be played. The current competition position is on indoor bowls page.

We understand that there will be questions which we will try to deal with in a timely manner.  Please ensure that all questions are submitted through the website or contact a Board Member who will try and help.

We would be grateful if you could pass this message on to any other members that you know who are not on email or facebook or have access to the website.

Thank you in advance for your support at this difficult time.


YBSC Board of Directors 

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