squash NEWS

Squash play has resumed from Monday 19th April 2021 in a limited format and an email has been issued to all Members with full details.

If you have any questions please contact Alastair or any club officer.

Yeovil Squash and Racketball


The first two squash courts were built in 1974 and a third added in 1980. At the height of its popularity in the 1980s there were 300 members and the courts were regularly used late into the evening at 9.20 and 10.00 pm.


There are fewer members now, but the squash section remains a vibrant part of the club’s community with a regular programme of tournaments and leagues that enable new members to settle in quickly. Racketball has become increasingly popular among the older members of the club. Courts are available for play from 8.30am until 10.00pm. The finals nights for the various competitions have become increasingly popular social events with large numbers of people enjoying the high quality squash and racketball on view.


The courts are regularly refurbished, one court a year, and new lighting is being put in with two courts completed and the third court being done in 2016. Great care is taken to make sure that the courts remain in as good a condition as possible. A grant from Sports England also enabled the club to put in new air conditioning and refurbish the changing rooms. It also has to be said that the bar facilities are second to none in the town.


Club charges are very reasonable. Prospective members are entitled to three taster sessions and thereafter full membership is £80 a year with a £6 joining fee including door fob deposit. Day membership is also available for half the full membership rate. Youngsters can join for £12 and the joining fee is waived. Two tokens are required for a 40 minute session and each token costs £1.20.


So what is to stop you coming along and trying your hand at a new sport! We look forward to welcoming you.