Yeovil Visually Impaired Bowls Club



Covid Etiquette & Rules at Yeovil Visually Impaired Bowls Club


1. Any person entering Yeovil Bowls and Squash Club is required to wear a face covering at all times whilst in the Club Building. Face coverings are optional whilst playing bowls or while eating or drinking within the bar area. If you do not have a face mask with you, then you will not be allowed to enter the building.

2. All games will be 3 wood triples or 4 wood pairs.

3. A new one-way system is in operation – Entry by Back door, Exit by front door.
VI Bowlers and helpers arriving for the 11am session proceed in one-way system up past mens toilets and then round to the lower lounge to change and leave shoes and coats. Bowlers must wait in the lower lounge until the bowls hall has been vacated. All lockers and toilets are accessible. Please be aware that only one person at a time will be allowed to enter the locker areas or toilets.

4. For each rink in use, we must complete a Scorecard with full names of Bowlers playing and any helpers (Track & Trace).

5. All those with the NHS Covid 19 App on their phones can scan the location code displayed around the Club.

Whilst Playing

6. No Handshakes, (Two Bowlers on the Carpet, two on the Bank).

7. Leads and Skips only to handle mat with sanitised or gloved hand.

8. Jack to be placed with foot, not delivered (we will be using 2 Jacks per rink).

9. Bowlers change ends following the marked route, clockwise around the rink.

10. Only handle your own bowls, bowls in ditch to remain until owner removes them.

11. Scoreboards only to be touched with sanitised or gloved hand.

12. The Tee at the far end of the bowls hall has been moved up 1 metre, to make social distancing easier.

13. No end of game handshakes.

14. Completed scorecards must be placed in bin provided and will be retained for Track & Trace purposes.

15. Exit the Bowls Hall as quickly as possible at the end of the session; follow one-way system back to the lower lounge to collect your belongings.

16. Exit the building by front door.

17. These rules have been put in place to keep you and all members of YVIBC and YBSC as safe as possible. Please remind others politely. Any blatant disregard of these rules etc. will be subject to the YBSC’s disciplinary procedures.

18. Please remember about social distancing.

REMINDER – The dress code has been relaxed, you may continue to wear your grey and white bowls clothes if you wish, please wear an extra jumper as the building will be heavily ventilated.