History of Yeovil Bowls and Squash Club


1908 - Founded as an Men's Outdoor Bowls Club on temporary rinks on the edge of Yeovil's Cricket Ground in West Hendford. A new green was laid the following year in the Huish / West Hendford area and remained in use for nearly twenty years.


In 1926 a decision was made that the green, which was not full sized, was no longer satisfactory due to growing membership. A plot of land was acquired at Higher Kingston, the club's current home, for a cost of £339 and in November of that year the club became a Limited Company.


On 12 May 1928 the new bowling green and tennis courts were opened by the President of the Somerset County Bowling Association and a putting green was opened shortly afterwards. A pavilion with a verandah was also constructed and this building is still in use and an attractive feature of the club today.


1935 saw ladies being given their own green until 1973 when they were allowed use of the main green until 6.30pm on just three weekdays. Now we are a fully integrated club.


1973 brought major changes, with the building of a new pavilion with a bar, indoor bowls rinks and two squash courts and a function room. By now the tennis courts and the putting green had gone, underused they were sacrificed to expand the successful areas of the club.


1981 saw a third court and a new three-rink green opened and later an extended bar, refurbished kitchen and an additional lounge were completed.


Whilst there is now little room for any further physical expansion, the club is constantly looking for ways to improve facilities and now has a visually impaired bowls section, short mat bowls and an active social committee.