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If any Indoor Bowlers are looking for a team to join to have a game, please contact Joe Pope on 07842 489843 and he will try and help. If any captains are looking for additional players please contact Joe as well.

Thank you.

Update & Reminders for Indoor Members 24th September

Opening of the Bowls Hall.

The Bowls Hall will open on Monday 5th October.

From the 5th – 11th October a rota of Indoor Committee Members will be in place to answer questions and assist members.

A copy of the rota is attached for your information.

Indoor Bowls Membership Renewal.

We have received a considerable number of renewal forms already, please make sure your membership is paid before you take part in any games or roll-ups.

Cheques only for £35 are being accepted by posting to the Club or by posting in the letterbox by the Green Gate. If you would like to pay by Bank Transfer please contact Viv Nicholls (Tel: 421763) for further information. A completed form must also be attached, with all details completed, especially email addresses allowing us to contact members more easily and for Track & Trace information.

Team Registration Fees are not required to be paid until after Xmas.

A Renewal Form is attached below or can be obtained from the plastic envelope just inside the Green Gate.

Fixture Books.

Fixture Books will be available at the club on Wednesday 30th September between 6pm-8pm, entry via the Green Gate, those not collected will be placed in the Pigeon holes.

Face Coverings.

Any person entering the Club is required to wear a face covering at all times.

Face coverings are optional whilst playing Bowls or Squash, or while eating or drinking within the Bar area.

Some of our members would prefer to attend sessions, where everybody wears a face covering, we are running sessions for them at the following times:

Wednesday morning 9am-11am.

Saturday afternoon 4pm - 6pm.  

These sessions need to booked in the Roll-Up availability book in the Lower Lounge.

Booking System/Roll-Ups.

We continue to investigate an online booking system, as casual walk in usage (roll- ups) is not permitted.

All roll-ups must be booked by 9am on the day of the booking, in the roll-up availability book in the Lower Lounge. Notice of availability will be advised two weeks in advance.

The roll-up sessions Monday - Friday 1pm-2pm are cancelled until further notice as we feel we are unable to operate these in a safe manner.

Internal Friendlies.

Friendly games will continue against Clubs that already are members of our Club, no external Friendlies will take place, to try to reduce the chance of infection from other areas being introduced.

Names for friendly games will be collected by email, text or phone by Maggie Jenkins, Tel: 01935 424510 once the game has been selected a copy of the team will be sent out by email to members. No refreshments will be available or raffle held.


We will continue to run Internal Competitions throughout the season, these will be advertised on the Noticeboards and by email. All entries will need to be made by email, text message or phone to Barbara Colby. Entry money to be placed in the Indoor Fees Box.

All National & County Competitions have been cancelled, the National Championships postponed from April 2020 are now programmed for March/April 2021.

Changing Times.

Guidelines from the English Indoor Bowls Association and the Government change on a weekly basis, we are expecting Issue 6 shortly following the announcements made by the Government over the last few days. The process and procedures which we were working towards may need changing slightly. Further detailed information will follow once these are received.

We will try our best to keep you updated via this website, as and if, things change.

The viewing sessions that we have run over the last few weeks have helped to alleviate many concerns members may have had, if you would still like to attend one of these sessions please contact Peter Colby direct. (Tel 01935 475893).

Further Information.

All further information to members will be relayed by e - mail or the Club Website.  If you have no

e -  mail address and would like a copy of further updates by post, which need to kept to a minimum, please advise Barbara Colby (Tel 01935 475893).

Click here for Indoor Membership Renewal Form ( A5 )

Covid Etiquette & Rules.

To minimise the risk to our members, Spectators are not allowed, enter the Club only to Bowl, to work, attend official meetings, or to drink at the Bar.

Please do not enter the Club more than 15 mins before your session time.

  1. Face coverings must be worn in the club, except in the Bowls Hall where it is optional, unless it is designated as a “mask only“ session.

  2. All games will be 3 Bowl triples except Friday Pairs,

  3. A one-way system will operate – Entry by Back door, Exit by Front door.

  4. Bowlers on the early sessions, e.g. 9am, 2pm, 6.30pm and 10am on Sunday, after entering the back door, proceed in one-way system up past men toilets and proceed to Function room to change and leave shoes and coats. All lockers and toilets are accessible.

  5. Bowlers move to lower Lounge to pay rink fees and remain there until Bowls Hall has been vacated by the previous Bowlers.

  6. Bowlers on the late session move round the one-way system straight in to the Lower Lounge where they change, leave shoes and coats and deal with rink fees.

  7. Home Team Skip must complete a Scorecard with full names of Bowlers playing (Track & Trace)

  8. Please try and have the correct rink fees to minimise money changing hands.

  9. All those with the NHS Covid 19 App can scan the location code displayed around the Club.


The Game.

  1. No Handshakes, (Two Bowlers on the Carpet, two on the Bank)

  2. Leads and Skips only to handle mat with sanitised or gloved hand.

  3. Jack to be placed with foot, Not delivered (2 Jacks per rink)

  4. Bowlers change ends following the marked route, clockwise around the rink.

  5. Only handle your own bowls, bowls in the ditch to remain there until owner removes them.

  6. Scoreboards only to be touched with sanitised or gloved hand.

  7. The Tee at the far end of the bowls Hall has been moved up 1 metre, to make social distancing easier.

  8. No end of game handshakes.

  9. Completed cards must be placed in bin provided and will be retained for Track & Trace purposes.

  10. Exit the Bowls Hall as quickly as possible, following the one-way system to changing area.

  11. Exit the building by front door.


The Leagues.

  1. Normal league rules are not in operation, there are no league tables until Christmas.

  2. Restrictions on substitutes removed until Christmas. See the Noticeboard in Lower Lounge.

  3. A Team that has a player missing can play 4 Bowl pairs against the 3 Bowl triple.

These rules have been put in place to keep you and all our members as safe as possible. Please remind others politely. Any blatant disregard of these rules etc. will be subject to the Club’s disciplinary procedures.


REMINDER – Wear an extra jumper as the building will be heavily ventilated. Dress Code is relaxed.