Now we are entering stage 3 of Covid regulations there are to be changes to some of them. Please note that these could be changed again at any time.


Rink bookings....continue as we have been doing. But there is a limit of 48 players in an organised game and 30 in a rollup or umbrella. In addition, we can have up to 30 Spectators. NOTE - Between 18/06 and 22/06 please ring Peter Flowers on 01935 478711 to book rinks.

Spectators....... inform Jenny when booking your rink. 

Any away visitors please take their name and contact details, or ask them to use the app on the lounge door.

Changing rooms - You may access your locker but changing is not allowed. It is advised that away teams come ready to play.

Matches/Nationals... Pushers and scoreboards will be allowed. They must be cleaned with wipes after the game. It has been suggested that the home leads be responsible for the pushers and the home two’s the scoreboards. (cleaning items wipes etc, will be in the old Pavilion)The Captain of the day will be responsible for the locking up of the Old Pavilion after the game.

Roll-ups....only mats and jacks allowed.

Uniform......continue as before, any change will be put on match sheets. has been agreed for now to have a spider before each game, rather than a raffle. Pete & Kate Flowers have kindly donated the bottles of wine.

Car sharing is now allowed - we would suggest face masks be worn and there be good ventilation.


Match food......only six people can sit in a group at tables. It has been agreed that until 21st June we will be having Tea & Biscuits for afternoon matches. Evening matches the Bar only. A list will be up on the notice board asking for volunteers to serve the tea & biscuits.

Kitchen.....only 2 people allowed when preparing teas and it has to be cleaned before and after games. No entry to the kitchen apart from this any time.

Bar.......when using the bar please keep to groups no larger than six. There is a separate booking in book. Drinks are waiter service only and no food in the bar.

Masks.... to be worn inside the club unless eating or drinking.

Notice Boards.......we will be using the boards as normal in the function room.

Entry  to the club until notified differently by the green gate then in through the function room.

Please follow these rules so that we can enjoy our bowls and stay safe. If you have any problems just ring me 01935 422103.