To all members,

Thank you very much for the response to my first letter. I have been overwhelmed by the amount of interest this year.

Barbara has drawn up some guidelines for us regarding entry to the club. For the time being.

1. All access for members via the green gate as last year.

2. Access to toilets will be via the lower lounge door.

3. No access Saturday mornings to the toilets at the moment... but they will be open this Saturday.

4. No entry to the bar area, from the Lower Lounge.

5. Match notices etc, will be in the lower lounge.

6. The stretch/flexible barriers will restrict access to the bar/coffee area from the foyer.

7. IMPORTANT – Last person using the green to shut the green gate, lock the lower lounge door, check windows and leave by the front door. Automatic locking will take place at end of the day, or before if a 24 hour fob holder is available.

8. On 28th April, the hospital will be using the function room. Members need to be aware of shared use of the toilets on these days. Movement/noise e.g., sitting on benches near the windows should also be restricted if possible.